We are looking for a strong strategic partner/ investor that shares a similar vision of clean earth and healthy living who will join our global expansion initiative.

We have an answer for growing consumer demands for the next generation of alternative protein, vegan products, clean organic and safe to use super ingredients.

Research shows that seaweed act aa natural bio-filter for the industry, by absorbing unwanted heavy metals and other pollutants. Our unique, highly sustainable technology is (patent) for the cultivation of clean, organic and nutritious Ulva marine seaweed (macro algae) in land-based pools, as an innovative method that replaces the traditional method of harvesting seaweed from the open ocean.

We believe it’s a viable technology that answers the world’s growing ecological debate.

With Seakura’s unparallel tech you get premium quality seaweed, land-based systems. Compliant with stringent regulations, year-round cultivation regardless of weather or sea currents, a closely monitored, fully controllable environment, regulatory paper trail including EU, USDA organic, BRC, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Vegan Friendly, GMO free and Kosher.

Environmentally sustainable technology enables a near zero carbon footprint, with no human hands from harvesting to immediate packaging.

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