Seakura Seaweeds – Gourmet Seasoning

If you are a die-hard culinary enthusiast, a health nut seeking to diversify your menu with unique flavors and complement dishes with an enrichment of nutrients, Seakura’s seaweed is just for you!

Organic Ulva seaweed is a green seaweed containing natural ingredients that act as an excellent source of nutritional value: Ulva is one of nature’s multi-mineral vital foods, whole, balanced, and complete.

How Does One Cook With Seakura Seaweeds?


In order to leave a subtle saltiness and maintain the flavour and nutritional value, the seaweed needs to be lightly rinsed or soaked in water. For a more delicate flavour, some lemon juice may be sprinkled.


The seaweed can be gently squeezed out or dried completely: Place in the center of a clean kitchen towel, twist it closed, and quickly spin the towel around to create a centrifugal effect.


It is advised to treat seaweed like an aromatic herb used for improving and strengthening existing flavours. To maintain the flavour in hot dishes, chopped seaweed should be added toward the end of cooking.

Fresh and Rich in Nutritional Value

Organic Ulva seaweed is harvested from our clean seawater pools. It undergoes a freezing process which preserves its natural innate nutritional value. Ulva is rich in minerals, protein, nutritional fibers, anti-oxidants, chlorophyll, and vitamins.


We raise our seaweeds in fully organic conditions.

While seaweed grown in the open sea may contain biological pollutants and pesticides, Seakura’s seaweeds are the product of vigilant organic growth in seawater which has been filtered and cleaned of pesticides and biological contaminants, complying with the strictest standards for controlling heavy metal contamination.

Our seaweeds are grown organically, using a unique sustainable and ecological technology that is the result of a long and thorough research and development process.

Unique, Accentuated Flavour

Ulva seaweed has a delicate saltiness and a deep umami flavour. Adding Ulva to recipes turns each and every dish into an enhanced culinary experience, transforming and fortifying dishes that appeal to both health enthusiasts as well as novice palates that are looking for something new, modern and delectable.

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