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At the Seakura farm we grow seaweed of the Ulva and Gracilaria varieties, using unique technology developed by the farm’s staff. This technology makes it possible to intensively grow macro seaweed at high density throughout the year, in a land-based facility while fully controlling all the growth conditions. This innovative method replaces sea-based growth in which the seaweed is exposed to various pollutants, including heavy metals and other harmful elements, as well as other environmental conditions which are less than optimal, and lead to the rate of growth and quality of the seaweed being damaged. The source of water for growing the seaweed is a seawater well which provides a supply of high-quality water, free of pollutants, at a regulated temperature throughout all seasons.

About the farm

Seakura’s seaweed pools are located by the beach around Michmoret, and as you approach them you can hear the whisper of jacuzzi-like bubbles, replicating the movement of the water in the sea. Water is pumped in from deep in the sea and then moved over two kilometers through a giant pipe, at the end of which it is purified. This purified seawater is stored in the highest spot on the farm and from there, as gravity acts upon it, the water descends into the various growing pools. At the end of use, the water is returned to the sea, in order to avoid harming the marine environment insofar as we are able.

Our Seaweeds

Ulva seaweed is also known as sea-lettuce, and is considered a super food due to the range of B12 vitamins and minerals it contains. Rich in dietary fiber and magnesium, it also contains iron, calcium, zinc and other B vitamins.  Ulva has a unique umami (taste-enhancing) flavor which emerges particularly in warm foods. Seaweed by nature is liquid-absorbing, so they blends beautifully with many recipes, providing a broad range of flavors which change from one dish to the next, depending on ingredients and the method of preparation (cold dishes, cooked, fried, roasted or baked). 

Gracilaria seaweed has a reddish, exotic color and a rich flavor. It strengthens the flavors and colors of warm dishes and salads, and can even be used in the preparation of sweet things such as spreads and a variety of baked goods.  In the food industry, gracilaria is used to thicken sauces and stews, as well as being a key to the preparation of vegetarian gelatin.

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